Purolator Shipping Agent

CORA Computers is an ESO Shipping Agent for Purolator.

Parcels can be picked up or dropped off anytime while we are open, please note however that for outgoing shipments that need to go out the same day (Monday to Friday), they need to be dropped off before 3PM. Please do not drop parcels and leave before we have scanned them and verified that they have the correct labels on them!

Please note for returns(like amazon for example) each box needs to have a unique shipping label. Re-using the same label on more than one box means your returns may not arrive where they need to go or get rejected as the wrong items are in the box.

For more information on shipping rates visit: www.purolator.com

To track packages visit the tracking page here.

To speak with someone about a package redirect, to schedule a redelivery, or about an issue with a package please call Purolator directly.

Purolator can be reached at:   1 888 SHIP-123 or (1-888-744-7123)

When shipping internationally an itemized list of materials (with values & country of origin) within your package will help to streamline the shipping process and prevent issues at customs.